Saturday, July 27, 2013

$LQMT Headed Over $.80 A Share?

Two weeks ago with $LQMT languishing at 52 week lows, I alerted my subscribers that I thought the stock was poised for a reversal.  Why?  For one the chart was screaming oversold.  Secondly the company has $AAPL going for it, and I knew that was going to come back into play at some point.

After my alert and post $LQMT rallied from $.06 to over $.20 a share in one trading session surpassing the precise price that I thought the stock was going to head to..  just another lucky call I guess.  I'm sure there was a herd of people out there a few weeks ago with LQMT at .06 calling for it to hit $.20+ in a few trading days.  I enjoy being the first to find these stocks, and so do my followers.   Here is the link I shared on the blog after I alerted my subscribers that led to over 300% gains for my followers:

So now what?  Is $LQMT going to get dumped back to $.05?  I'm not so sure that is going to happen.  Why?  Another lucky guess on my part, but I think this time around the hype over Liquidmetal being utilized in $AAPL's next IPhone will be a reality and not a dream..... and if that's the case this stock will trade over $.80 very quickly ultimately heading back to levels not seen in 5+ years.  I know many traders think this is just another run up in price before another drop.  Surely we've seen this story before.  Stock rallies 300% only to drop 65% over the next 3 months.  That is what everyone thinks is going to happen with $LQMT, but again I think they are wrong.  No one was buying $LQMT when I alerted it at $.06, and now seemingly everyone thinks the rally is over.  The stock is dead.  Could it be?  Absolutely.  LQMT can fall back into the abyss and anyone holding the stock or buying it next week will be sitting on 50%+ losses.

I think they are wrong.

With $LQMT trading at roughly $.17 today you might regret down the road not taking a flyer on this stock.  Who knows, maybe I'm just out of lucky guesses... but if I'm not you will be missing out on one of the best rallies in the penny stock market this year.;_ylt=A2KJ2UZTVvRRux0AHOnQtDMD

While we still don’t know for certain whether the next iPhone will feature an indestructible LiquidMetal case, a new patent filing flagged by MacRumors suggests that Apple and LiquidMetal are drawing closer to incorporating amorphous metal alloys into Apple devices. Specifically, MacRumors notes that the patent proposes a solution to one of the main engineering challenges that Apple has faced with bringing LiquidMetal’s alloy to its products by describing “how molten BMG [bulk metallic glass] could be continuously poured onto a shallow bath of molten tin, where it would flow to form a sheet.” Of course,LiquidMetal iPhone rumors have been around for years now, so there’s no way of knowing just how close the two companies are to making amorphous metal Apple devices a reality.