Tuesday, July 16, 2013

LQMT Time For A Reversal

I like LQMT for a reversal. Could be a nice 200-300%+ gain from here. Stock has been in a tailspin, I think it reverses from here.  If the selling stops and buyers surface we could be looking at a move back over $.20 a share.  

Bid $.058
Ask $.06

Liquidmetal Technologies Continues to Fill the Pipeline with Deliveries of Prototypes to New Customers in Targeted Industries

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., Jul 09, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Liquidmetal(R) Technologies, Inc. (LTI) (OTCQB: LQMT), the leading developer of amorphous alloys and composites, has reported steady deliveries with five Liquidmetal prototype parts shipped to customers in its targeted industries during the second quarter of 2013.
The prototype shipments were to new customers in the automotive, golf and medical industries. All five of these prototypes have significant market potential and are undergoing extensive testing by customers.
-- Two prototype shipments were high performance automotive components, which represents a new market for the Company where keen interest has been shown in an industry where having a competitive edge is paramount.
-- Prototype shipments also resulted from the Company's development program with iGolf Technologies which aims to introduce the next generation of technology driven golf club designs. Ultimately, these club designs will be made available to golf equipment manufacturers seeking an overall performance advantage in this competitive market where innovation is favorably received.
-- The medical industry prototype shipment falls into the dental appliance category where the strength and resilience of Liquidmetal alloy provides remarkable advantages over current manufacturing methods.
"As we continue to fill the pipeline with additional prototypes, earlier prototype deliveries are continuing to be evaluated and measured against critical benchmarks which we feel offer major performance advantages and cost savings to our potential customers," commented Tom Steipp, LTI's President and CEO.
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