Wednesday, July 17, 2013

$LQMT Soars 75% Higher One Day After I Called For A Reversal

Nothing like the smell of a big up candle in the morning!  Subscribers were greeted with a big move higher today for LQMT.  The chart has reversed and big profits are to be had.  It's been a great couple of weeks at pennystockgurus.  We had 100% alert on Wednesday, 108%+ on Thursday, and Friday OTHM from $.0007 to over $.0045, a great alert.

On Monday I told subscribers to be ready for a reversal for LQMT.  Today the stock is up 75% and climbing.  We could be looking at just the start of a massive rally for this stock.  Congratulations to my subscribers and everyone making a profit here.

I like LQMT for further gains, this is just the beginning.


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Thomas Waugh said...

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