Wednesday, July 17, 2013

$LQMT up 175% After I Called For A Bounce Two Days Ago

With $LQMT still falling this week I let my subscribers know that the stock was due for a reversal.  The price of $LQMT at the time?  $.06.

No one wanted to buy it, and thats what we like here at pennystockgurus.  No one wanted to buy any of the other stocks we alerted last week either.  Wednesday 100% alert, Thursday 108%+ alert, Friday OTHM over 400%.  My long term alert issued first thing this week was LQMT.  In the alert I said a move to $.20 was coming.  Am I just that good?  It appears so as $LQMT has moved from $.06 to $.19 a share.

Congratulations to my subscribers who bought at $.06 before this move.